In late 2015, senior advocacy group LeadingAge announced a new name for a continuing care retirement community (CCRC): life plan community. Why the change? After two years of research, it was concluded that today’s seniors prefer a different term that better describes their plans for the future – to continue living life to the fullest extent, with a true way to age in place in a community they call home.

A life plan community is a far cry from the medical facilities of the past that were more nursing home-like than a true neighborhood. These communities offer innovative, independent senior housing options like active living in a free-standing home, townhome or apartment and ongoing care in an assisted living or memory care neighborhood. Residents in life plan communities not only have peace of mind for their future needs, but it’s also reported that many of these seniors enjoy healthy, vibrant lifestyles longer than those who live alone in their homes.

How a Life Plan Community Offers Peace of Mind for Your Future

Because today’s seniors are healthier and feeling younger than ever, it’s important for them to have a “life plan” for their future needs. They still have a lot they’d like to accomplish in their retirement years, whether that’s spending a month traveling through Europe or finally sitting down to write a novel. They want to map out their future, not focus solely on the aging process and possible decline in health that could be down the road. Many of today’s life plan communities recognize the importance of providing specific, upscale activities their residents will enjoy, like lifelong learning opportunities, wellness programs and more.

Some of the benefits a life plan community offers to residents include:

Promoting healthy lifestyles. Because life plan communities recognize healthy living is a key component to successful aging, most campuses offer fitness centers on-site and a variety of classes designed specifically for seniors. Numerous activities are provided to keep residents active in mind, body and spirit.

Carefree living with a variety of services and amenities.
Services and amenities like help with home maintenance, scheduled transportation, various dining options, and 24-hour security make life easy for residents. Residents no longer need to worry about tasks like shoveling snow or yard work, and some light housekeeping is also generally included.

Plenty of opportunities for social engagement.
Maintaining and building relationships with others helps seniors stay connected to the world around them, and can even lessen the impact of chronic conditions, improve memory and decrease the risk for depression. This is why life plan communities make social activities a top priority, offering everything from a variety of daily, weekly and monthly events for residents to enjoy with their neighbors.

Easing worry for loved ones.
Moving into a life plan community provides the residents’ adult children with the comfort of knowing any of their aging parents’ healthcare needs will be met through the continuum of care. This is especially important for those loved ones who live a great distance away.

Addressing differing needs of spouses.
If one spouse experiences a decline in health while the other is still mostly independent, life plan communities can accommodate both of their needs. Couples will remain living in close proximity on the same campus while each receives the right amount of care to maintain as much independence as possible.

Make a Plan for Life at Western Home Communities

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