People collect a lot of things over the course of a lifetime. Many of the things we hold on to over the years represent a lifetime of memories. But if you're like most people, the majority of the things you're holding on to is just "stuff" that is taking up space.

Decluttering has a number of proven benefits, making "declutter your home" one of the best spring cleaning tips you could follow.

The Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

As you start planning out your spring cleaning tasks this year, be sure to make decluttering a priority. Here are five reasons why you should:

  1. Boosts mood & decreases stress. Studies show that when you declutter your home, you end up being more productive and better able to concentrate. In turn, this reduces your stress levels and naturally helps elevate your mood.
  2. Improves your sleep. Research shows that those who sleep in cluttered spaces are more likely to have sleep issues. In fact, one of the first things sleep experts suggest to those having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep is to declutter their bedroom in order to create a more calming space.
  3. Creates more space. Does your home suddenly feel a lot smaller than it used to? Decluttering can help you make more room in closets, basements, cabinets, etc. It can also reduce your risk of injury. Unnecessary items in hallways or stairways can pose a tripping hazard, increasing your risk of falls. Or, items stacked in a closet or cabinet could fall on top of you or a loved one. Decluttering can help you ensure you have everything you need in a space that is easy to get to and doesn't restrict your ability to move about your home.
  4. Reduces dust & allergens. Ever hear the phrase "It's just collecting dust?" Well, the truth is, everything you own is collecting dust. Therefore, the more things you have, the more dust and allergens naturally exist in your home. When you declutter your home, you’re helping to remove some of these allergens, allowing you to breathe a little easier.
  5. Makes downsizing less overwhelming. Many seniors are hesitant to downsize because they don't know what they'll do with all their belongings. By getting rid of unnecessary and unused items on a yearly or even monthly basis, the idea of moving to a smaller space begins to feel more reasonable and less overwhelming.

When you look around your home, the idea of decluttering may feel impossible at first. But remember, you don't have to get everything done in one day. Start by picking one area of the house to focus on and dedicate at least one hour a day to decluttering until you're finished. Then, move on to the next space.

Be sure to enlist family members and friends to help. Not only does it allow you time to revisit some of the many memories your belongings hold, but often makes the process faster and easier.

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