For seniors who are ready to fully enjoy their retirement and simplify their lives, downsizing from a large home to a senior living community can provide the carefree lifestyle they crave. While moving from a long-time home can bring up sentimental and nostalgic feelings, many of today’s older adults look forward to eliminating some of the hassles that come along with home ownership.

Are You Ready to Downsize Your Home?

You probably feel like every room in your home and all the contents have bittersweet memories attached to them, making choosing what items to bring with you to your new, smaller home difficult. However, it’s important to remember why you’re considering downsizing your home in the first place. Perhaps there are rooms you no longer have a use for that have essentially become storage spaces.

Some of the main reasons you should consider downsizing your home include:

Reduce your stress. Your new, smaller home will not only be easier to maintain, but you also won’t have to worry about all those “do-it-yourself” type of repairs- let someone else take care of them! You’ll find your stress levels decreasing significantly, since you won’t be worried about maintaining your home and some of the financial burden will be lessened.

Less home maintenance.
Yardwork, power-washing the exterior and driveway, and cleaning a large home from top to bottom is a lot of work and can take up a lot of your precious time. Even some of the simplest tasks can become overwhelming as we age, and many might become too difficult or dangerous for you to handle on your own.

Eliminate unneeded extra space.
After the kids have moved out, having four bedrooms and three bathrooms becomes unnecessary for just you and your spouse. Often these rooms end up turning into storage spaces you may very rarely step foot into. Like we just mentioned above, maintaining all that extra space is unnecessary and simply too much work.

Ease financial worries.
Even if your home has appreciated in value, the cost of staying there is always on the rise. Regardless of whether your mortgage is paid in full, the cost of upkeep, taxes, and big-ticket repairs when something goes wrong, like a broken furnace or leaky roof, can quickly add up. In a senior living community, you’ll be relieved of these types of financial burdens, and you will also be able to put your home equity to good use.

Enjoy your free time.
Downsizing your home allows you to recapture some of that lost free time and spend it on the things you enjoy doing, whether it’s being with friends and family, traveling, exercising, or learning a new hobby.

Build new relationships.
When you have more free time, you’ll also have more time to meet new people and build lasting, meaningful relationships. Various studies show that staying socially active as you age offers a variety of amazing benefits to seniors, like a strengthened immune system, better mental health, and alleviating symptoms of depression.  

Feel safe and secure.
In a senior living community, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that assistance is always available should an emergency occur. You can be as active as you choose to be, knowing that help is usually just the push of a button away.

Enjoy a Fulfilling Lifestyle at Western Home Communities

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