What is atHome care?

Quality care from the comfort of your home. Our atHome care offers the services to meet your medical and non-medical needs.

Our Services

Companion Care

We match you with a compatible caregiver who can help you with your routines so you can remain at home. 

Companion Care may include:

Nursing Care

Whether you’re recovering from a hospital stay or managing a chronic condition, an atHome nurse could be right for you. Get the care you need right in the comfort of your home. 

Nursing Care may include: 

Safety Solutions

Keeping you safe at home is our priority. By creating a safe environment, you can stay at home longer and gain more independence. 

Emergency Alert Pendant

Get peace of mind with our emergency alert pendant. With a push of a button, help will be on the way. Our monitoring systems also offer a fall detector option.

Medication Management

Taking the right medication at the right dose, at the right time keeps you healthy and reduces risk of hospitalization. A medication dispenser organizes pills, reminds you to take them, dispenses the medication and can even send an optional report to your family and physician.

Mitigate Fall Risks

We provide strategies to reduce fall risks inside your home. An emergency alert pendant also has an optional fall detector option to ensure help arrives as quickly as possible.

Ready to Learn More?

Speak with our community navigators to determine your care solutions and budget. No obligations required.

Your Story — Life at Western Home Communities

At Western Home Communities, we know there is more to your story - no matter your age! Explore the stories of our residents.

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How To Navigate the Change

No Matter your next step, Western Home Communities has information to help you navigate the change.

Downsizing Tips for Seniors | Western Home Communities

Moving to a new home is a challenge at any age. Not only does it require a lot of work, it can also surface up difficult emotions as you reminisce about the memories you’ve made over the years. For many people, that’s enough to justify prolonging the decision to move. However, those of us who do finally commit to downsizing to a smaller, more manageable home often wish they had done it sooner. Afterall, a smaller home means less housework and maintenance and more time to spend with friends and family. In this post we’ll share several senior downsizing tips that can help you declutter and make a smoother transition.

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The 'Big Kids Bike Klub'

Ken and Carol had no qualms about meeting new friends when they moved to Western Home Communities. After seeing an article in The Journal about the Big Kids Bike Klub with an open invitation they greased their gears and got ready for the ride of their life.

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Lowering Medication Fall Risk | Western Home Communities

It’s common for many of us to take several medications at once throughout the day. While they help us live a healthier life, some have side effects that can increase your risk of falling. In fact, medication-related falls are a real problem in the senior community. We’ve all been there or know someone who has. One fall leads to an injury or other complications that take away from the vibrant life you want.

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