Make your life plan

What’s in a name? 

Western Home Communities is a Life Plan Community.

Maybe you heard us previously described as a CCRC, a continuing care retirement community. That name stuck for about 35 years yet proved limiting as we embraced a new century, younger generations and fresh thinking.

We care about life, and living it to the fullest. We don’t want anyone retiring from life. That’s why our mission at Western Home Communities is to assertively create fulfilling lifestyles. So this new moniker, part of a national initiative, makes sense to us.

After all, while we still and will always provide the best care when it’s needed, our organization is about much more than meeting medical needs. Even in our 24-hour nursing care communities, the focus has shifted to living your best day with choice, spontaneity and purpose.

For active living, we offer spacious homes and apartments with all the amenities found in new homes. Even more importantly, we offer a fulfilling lifestyle through wellness programming, fine dining, social outlets and creative enrichment opportunities. Our people break barriers and redefine aging every day.

People who move to Western Home Communities tend to be planners, people who like to know they’re prepared for the future. The new name allows “planning” and “living” to merge, creating a fulfilling lifestyle with freedom for today and security for tomorrow.

In short, they’re making a plan for life. A life plan.

Want to find out more? Browse this website to learn about our array of options and see how people here enjoy life fulfilled.

Then fill out the form below or call us today at (319) 277-2141. After all, it’s you’re life. Plan it. Live it. Love it.

 “I could have stayed in my house longer, but I made a plan to spare my children from hard decisions later on my behalf. Moving here has been one of my best decisions ever.” 


Yes, I want to learn more about creating my fulfilling lifestyle at Western Home Communities.

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