The Rita's

The mothers of these two Ritas met at summer swimming lessons and got a kick out of the fact they both had a Rita going to jr. high in the fall. They advised the girls to seek each other out and on their second day of junior high they found each other and became best friends. When Rita J. moved away from Cedar Falls more than four decades ago, this inseparable pair thought they'd been separated forever. All these years later, something unexpected occurred and now they're closer than ever.

Rita J. and her husband, Roy had been living in Iowa City since the mid 70s. Roy taught at the University of Iowa and Rita worked in a health clinic at the hospital. Iowa City was truly home for many years. As they reached retirement something was calling them back to Cedar Falls.

In the meantime, Rita C. and her husband, Rich had made a wonderful life in their hometown of Cedar Falls. Yet, they felt something was missing.

When Rita and Roy made the decision to move to Western Home Communities, Rita and Rich quickly decided have their best friends close by was going to be a luxury.

How close could they get? Sometimes fate just has a way of bringing people that are meant to be together to the right place. These two Ritas now live a few doors down from each other and get to share memories, laughter, and even an occasional margarita whenever they choose!

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