VTH Neighbors

When Janet invited Lorraine to a VTH (Villa Townhome) Neighbors event, she learned quickly you can forge new friendships here before you even have the keys to your new home. Now she and her husband are completely at ease with their upcoming move.

VTH Neighbors is the fun, friendly group you always wanted to join. What started as villa neighbors spontaneously gathering for evening cocktails quickly gained steam and took on a life of its own.

Now each gathering draws more than seventy-five people, some of whom happen to be future residents. There is food, friendship and sometimes even a fire for roasting marshmallows, a perfect spot for savoring another beautiful sunset over the new Prairie Wind community and Jorgensen Plaza construction site (before the work was finished).

VTH Neighbors like to keep in touch between gatherings as well. This group really has it all figured out with a regularly published newsletter and their own Facebook group.

Residents from all over south campus have found their way into the group. If you see a group gathering to the east of Jorgensen Plaza, stop and say hi. You just might find yourself the next member of the VTH Neighbors.  

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