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Life at Western Home Communities

At Western Home Communities, we know there is more to your story - no matter your age!  Explore the stories of our residents.

VTH Neighbors

When Janet invited Lorraine to a VTH (Villa Townhome) Neighbors event, she learned quickly you can forge new friendships here before you even have the keys to your new home. Now she and her husband are completely at ease with their upcoming move.

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Rich and Rita

Rita was a bold girl of fifteen years old when she decided to ask Rich out on their first date to the church hayrack ride. More than sixty years later, a move to Western Home Communities helped them rediscover each other and strengthen their bond.

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Paul the Boxer

Paul Foote of Windgrace is a regular at the Cedar Valley Boxing Club in Waterloo. Twice a week he conquers the long stairway to the second story gym the boxing club calls home and spends an hour working through fitness, balance and agility stations. He never intended to compete, though his punch is impressive!

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The Rita's

The mothers of these two Ritas met at summer swimming lessons and got a kick out of the fact they both had a Rita going to jr. high in the fall. They advised the girls to seek each other out and on their second day of junior high they found each other and became best friends. When Rita J. moved away from Cedar Falls more than four decades ago, this inseparable pair thought they'd been separated forever. All these years later, something unexpected occurred and now they're closer than ever.

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The 'Big Kids Bike Klub'

Ken and Carol had no qualms about meeting new friends when they moved to Western Home Communities. After seeing an article in The Journal about the Big Kids Bike Klub with an open invitation they greased their gears and got ready for the ride of their life.

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Chris and Bob

Chris and Bob’s friendship was born in a barn. A round barn, that is, where hobbyists gather on campus. Chris occasionally ‘borrows’ Bob’s 90 year-old eyes to examine his tiny clock parts; Bob relies on Chris to ‘keep him in line.’ Or does Bob keep Chris in line? They enjoy each other’s antics and are happily surprised at their later-in-life friendship.

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