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Safety at Western Home

Western Home Communities take safety very seriously. We have a team of professionals dedicated to planning and strategizing safety protocol, just in case.

Infection Control

As seen with COVID-19, infection control is top priority. Even before the pandemic, we had public health protocols in place to help stop the spread of illness like influenza. We follow instruction from the Centers of Disease Control and meet frequently with our community health networks to stay informed.

Emergency Preparedness

Our team follows a framework to ensure that protocols are carried out in case of emergencies like a natural disaster. We work to provide quality care to our residence even in times of crisis. 

Memory Support Safety

Our memory care units are designed to meet the unique needs of residents with dementia. We keep residents safe by controlling their environment with reducing fall hazards and securing the facility with locked entryways and exits. 

Intruder Safety

Intruder attacks are fairly uncommon but not impossible. Our team is prepared to respond. We take security measures to prevent attacks in the first place. We also implement safety response plans to control any incidents.